Father's Focus: Definite Contact

With socks on my feet I would shuffle up behind them, reach out my finger to their neck, ZAP them, laugh, and run away – fast!  Shocking someone was always funny.  I think the thing that was most cool about the shock was that something was communicated from body to body.  It was a definite contact between two people.  When two bodies touched they shared electricity, so much so that one person would react to the shock – quickly.

Well, what we can see happen in a shock is also what happens in true communication: definite contact shared between two people.  When one person speaks to another: ideas are shared.  When one person shakes another’s hand: a greeting is shared.  When one person hugs another: care and concern is shared.  Communication, done properly, is a sharing of heart, mind, and soul between one person and another. 

In fact, the entire reason why Jesus Christ became man was to communicate the love of the Father with humankind.  The Incarnation is a form of communication.  So at the root of our Christian faith lies the call to communicate.  “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” (Matt 28:19).  In other words, Christians are called to communicate the Gospel with other people so that they might have definite contact with the Trinity.

Communication is also very practical.  Good communication leads to understanding and closeness.  Bad communication leads to misunderstanding and estrangement.  So all persons, in every walk of life, whether they be single, married, widowed, siblings, coworkers or the like are called to learn good communication to foster good relationships.

Our parish Faith Forward strategic plan called for better communication.  This is why we established the new Parish Communications Council.  These passionate and professional men and women know the best ways to articulate and share a message.  The bulletin, the Vernacular, the Flash, the website, special publications, social media, letters, posters, banners, etc. are various ways they share the life and activity of the parish with us.  But most importantly their efforts share the message of the Gospel and the invitation to discipleship and stewardship 

Soon, too, we are going to add emails, text messages, and automated phone calls through a system call School Messenger.  In the next couple of weeks you will be receiving an invitation to the Annual Pastoral Address called “Weights and Measures.”  These avenues will not be used frequently; but be aware that you may soon be receiving an invitation by email, text, or phone call. 

So you see, I used to sneak up and shock my brothers; but I don’t want to sneak up and shock you with a new mode of communication.  I am, however, excited to make definite contact with you.