Father’s Focus: Home Visit Team Recruitment

Have you been wondering what has happened with the parish surveys we filled out in January? 

Well, the information collected in that survey was compiled into 270 pages of data.  That data was then distributed to six teams of parishioners.  Those men and women, nearly 80 persons in all, then processed the information and prioritized its content.  That content was then given to the Strategic Planning Team to be formulated into goals, strategies and actions.  Those goals, strategies and actions were then given to the Parish council, Stewardship council, and Finance council for feedback and approval.  As of this weekend the final document of the Faith Forward Parish Visioning process is being prepared.  It is now time for us to deliver the Strategic plan to every parishioner… and we are going to do that by home visits and we need your help.

Over the past 5 months we have been praying Our Parish Renewal Prayer as we finalize this 5-year Strategic Plan.  In that prayer we ask, “Open the doors of our hearts.”  Now, as we are nearing the final publication of our plan, we are also preparing to “knock on the doors” of all our houses.  Every parishioner will have the strategic plan delivered to their home in a personal home visit by a fellow parishioner. 

But we need your help.  I hope to have over 250 volunteers help in reaching out to our 2700 households.  I would like to invite you to join other parishioners in conducting these home visits this summer.  These visits will happen during the last three weeks of June.  If you feel uncomfortable going alone, we will make sure and pair you up with someone to accompany you. 

The simple purpose of the home visit is to show hospitality and welcome to all St. Francis families and ensure that each member of our parish is known and acknowledged.  The visit itself will simply consist of saying “hello,” giving a packet about St. Francis, a small gift and a message from the Pastor.  Some members of our parish remember just such a visit in the past.  Such visits help our big parish feel smaller, friendlier and more welcoming.  

There will be training for all those participating.  The dates for this training are Saturday, June 3rd from 9:00 am – 11:00 am and Tuesday, June 6th from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

If you know you want to help feel free to call the front office to submit your name or to ask questions.  You may also fill out the blue card found in the back of the Church.  You can drop the card in the gold boxes at each entrance of the Church or simply drop it by the office. 

Would you please consider joining our home visitation team for this historic event?  We need your help.  Thank you.

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