Wichita Diocesan Prayer for Priestly Vocations

O God, the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. We pray for young men with the heart of Jesus your son; for young men full of zeal for the good of all; for committed men who will bring the Word of your Salvation to a weary world; for fellow laborers with Christ to spend and consume themselves for souls. Give them generous hearts to respond to your challenging call and the strength to follow you wherever you lead them. Amen.

Vocations to the Priesthood

Rev. Todd Shepherd
- Ordained May 26, 2018
- Parents: Tom and Sheila Shepherd, Wichita

Rev. Garett Burns
- Ordained May 26, 2018
- Parents: Pat and Jackie Burns, Wichita

Rev. Devin Burns
- Ordained May 23, 2015
- Parents: Pat and Jackie Burns, Wichita

Rev. Rickey Kotrba
- Ordained May 25, 2013
- Parents: Scott & Mary Kotrba, Wichita

Rev. Adam Keiter
- Ordained May 24, 2008
- Parents: Leon and Janet Keiter, Wichita

Rev. Joseph Eckberg
- Ordained May 27, 2000
- Parents: Richard and Jannette Eckberg, Wichita

Rev. Jeffery A. Fasching
- Ordained May 31, 1997
- Parents: Mike and Carol Fasching, Shell Knob, Mo.

Rev. Stuart M. Smeltzer
- Ordained May 25, 1996
- Parents: Stan and Terry Smeltzer, Wichita

Rev. W. Shawn McKnight
- Ordained May 28, 1994
- Parents: Gary and Mary Schaffer, Point Ludlow, Wash.

Rev. Kenneth J. Schuckman
- Ordained May 23, 1992
- Parents: George and Vi Schuckman, Wichita

Rev. James S. Mainzer
- Ordained May 23, 1987
- Parents: Leonard and Shirley Mainzer, Wichita

Rev. Robert K. Spencer
- Ordained May 18, 1985
- Parents: James and Theresa Spencer, Wichita

Rev. Robert J. Hartmann
- Ordained May 18, 1985
- Parents: Charles and Marilyn Hartman, Bella Vista, Ark.

Rev. H. Michael Peltzer
- Ordained May 10, 1980
- Parents: Bill and Mary Kay Peltzer, Wichita

Prayer for Vocations

Lord Jesus, together with Mary your most holy mother, who stood beside you in the hour of your redeeming sacrifice, we pray that many youths may have the courage and the humility, the fidelity and the love to answer "Yes" to your invitation, just as Mary did when called to collaborate in the mission of redemption. Amen. -- Pope John Paul II

Religious Orders Vocations

Sister Sophia Grace, T.O.R. (Kim Huschka) (Franciscan Sisters, 3rd Order Regular of Penance of the Sorrowful Mother)
- Took vows July 11, 2015
- Parents: Kathy and the late Martin Hushka, Wichita

Rev. Frederick Keiser, LC (Legionary of Christ)
- Ordained December 14, 2013
- Parents: Fred and Linda Keiser and the late Barb Keiser, Wichita

Sister Mary Agnes, I.H.M. (Jennifer Wasinger) (Immaculate Heart of Mary)
- Took vows June 21, 2008
- Parents: David and Marcia Wasinger, Wichita

Sister Mary Barbara Keiser, O.P. (Nashville Dominicans)
- Took vows August 8, 2005
- Parents: Fred and Linda Keiser and the late Barb Keiser, Wichita

Sister Cecilia Marie, I.H.M. (Christine Hammersley) (Immaculate Heart of Mary)
- Took vows December 19, 1998
- Mother: Marilyn Hammersley, Wichita

Sister Simeon Marie, S.V. (Sheila Duncan) (Sisters of Life)
- Took vows June 1, 1993
- Parents: Bob and Nan Duncan, Wichita

Brother Ed Siderewicz, F.S.C. (Christian Brothers)
- Final Profession April 1989
- Parents:

Sister Ann (Mary Kay Farran) (Discalced Carmelites)
- Took vows June 7, 1980
- Parents: Gene and Colleen Farran, Wichita

Brother Mark Snodgrass (Christian Brothers)
- Took vows June 19, 1976
- Parents: Howard and Phyllis Snodgrass, Salina

Rev. Gregory Tajchman (Franciscan)
- Ordained June 12, 1971
- Mother: Hazel Tajchman, Wichita